Month: January 2020

Busty Lesbian Twin Sisters from Jannat have been making lives of other Lesbian chicks easier and randier

With a huge dick, comes a great responsibility of hiding your dick from the ones that you aren’t willing to fuck and showcasing that dick in a secret way to the tens and the nines in an extremely graceful way.

With huge boobs, comes a great responsibility as well, you have to conceal your boobs from the guys and girls you hate and have to showcase those to the ones you love. The case is as bad for the busty lesbians as it is for the straight women. Having big boobs is a real challenge for both the straight and the lesbian women, especially when the boobs are 100% natural, because they just inherited those, unlike the ones who got implants and did for just the sake of attention and/or of the strangers and/or their spouses/boyfriends/girlfriends.

I used to play rugby all the time with chicks in the college and it always used to be a fun experience beyond words. Thinking about the same is giving me goosebumps and is getting my dick hard which your mom is about to suck in a couple of minutes.

I have been dating these twin sisters for a while now, who cannot get enough dick no matter what and they really have paved the way to my heart through my dick. I was thinking about converting to Islam and marry both the sisters but then I got to learn that it is forbade in Islam to marry even two half-sisters, let alone twin sisters. I am really heartbroken about this fact and bashing Muslims and Islam everywhere for being such hypocrites and paying such sort of respect and regard to Jacob – the Hebrew Patriarch.

Lingerie Porn is not just popular with straight men

I have a friend who says that he hates the haters but loves to watch hate sex porn videos, especially the lingerie porn featuring hateful sex, his wife is the opposite, she is indifferent to the haters but she hates the hate sex videos, she loves lingerie porn though. One out of three times, she rides her husband wearing some sexy lingerie.

This friend of mine books strippers every Sunday in the winters – November, December, January and February. In the rest of the year, he doesn’t do any woman other than his own beautiful wife with large natural breasts.

He tells me that this stripper agency that he regularly books with, is open to send their strippers to the client’s hotel room/office and even home. He keeps repeating to me that he wants to book one for me someday, but I consider it to be a waste of time and money. Who needs a stripper when you have porn, real women, cam models and what not.

I have been thinking about letting his wife know about his deeds so that maybe I could get a chance to score her, but then I become afraid of losing both my friend and this wife of his that I have been drooling over since the day he got married.

There are many things common among beautiful women with large natural breasts, one of those being that they all love doggystyle and cowgirl position. If your wife or girlfriend doesn’t like the doggystyle or cowgirl position and she is a beautiful woman with large natural breasts, then either she hates you or you are stupid enough to find her beautiful.

Some conspiracy theories believer like this Anti-Fap dude claim that the main cause for Armageddon will be live sex cam chat websites

One of the things that I have observed in this short life of mine is that the narcissists have sweeter souls in general. I have met several narcissistic anti-fap dudes who seriously believed that they were the savior of dicks, which they clearly weren’t, but then again, these idiotic narcissists with their stupid beliefs, all had extremely sweet souls as well. One of these guys after coming back from work, would campaign online against the online live sex cam websites, which included livejasmin and the alternatives to livejasmin. The dude was so concerned about his safety, that he would drive nothing but a Volvo. One fine sunny morning, a male friend of his, who happened to be a live sex cam chat model himself, revealed to the world that the anti-fap Volvo dude died due to the complications caused to him due to the untreated HIV-AIDS and Syphilis. The anti-fap dude used to believe in all sorts of conspiracy theories including the world is flat, HIV is a myth, the world is run and operated by some reptilians belonging to some other planet. The male cam model friend of his also disclosed to the world that the anti-fap dude was so much against the live sex cam chat because an Islamic scholar friend of his, who happens to be one of the biggest promoters of the Islamic Scholar and Conspiracy Theorist – Sheikh Imran Hosein, told him that live sex cam chat will be the greatest cause for the Armageddon. To those who don’t know, they refer to Armageddon as Malhama in Arabic.

The more sex you have, the more creative you become, the more you love your life and your near and dear ones

I recently met a former WCW valet at a bachelorette party in San Diego. She has definitely grown up to be one of the best MILFs that you have never seen. One of the guys in party was an Indian guy who worships the Indian demigod of celibacy – Hanuman said that it was okay for him to watch a strip dance on the Tuesdays but he wasn’t allowed to fuck. Three friends there wanted to kiss the stripper at the same time, but ended up kissing each other.

One of the strippers at the party belonged to a royal Indian Muslim family. She has been studying in the US and because she doesn’t want to ask her parents for the money, she works as a stripper part time to feed herself. She was really the best among them all.

I am pro-incest. I say that incest was only bad for the people in the olden days when they didn’t have access to the contraceptives and they would give birth to retards and deformed because of it, but since the advent of the contraceptives, that is not an issue anymore. I really hope that the incest would be as common and outspoken about as the sex in traditional marriage in the western world by 2030 and in the rest of the world by 2060.

I was born into a Protestant family. There was a time in my life when I started to believe that I suffer with a sexual addiction, mainly porn and masturbation. A friend suggested to me that turning Catholic would help me. Hearing his advice, I converted to Catholicism. My addiction only grew stronger with time and rightfully so, because I later learnt that there is no such thing as sexual addiction, it is one of the most natural things, and celebrity sex life is far more active than that of ours. The more sex you have, the more creative you become.

It is Scottish Strippers vs the American Strippers and we all know who is going to be the winner

I believe that Edinburgh is going to be for the strippers, what Amsterdam is for the prostitutes. I recently visited the city and there are gorgeous strippers everywhere there. Still, those Scottish strippers are far from being anywhere near the All-American female strippers.

I personally believe that fuckbuddies are far more important than the family any day; People can talk about how their family is the most important thing to them, but all such people spend more time thinking about their fuckbuddies of the past, present and the ones that they have been eyeing for in the future than they do spend thinking about their family.

What I have observed over the decades is that the economic growth of a country is positively related to its sexual freedom. Take india for example, it used to be one of the poorest countries on the face of the earth until it was sexually oppressed in the early 1990s and the economic condition of its neighboring 7 times smaller nation – Pakistan used to be far better than that of India, which although a Muslim nation, had more libertarian views regarding sexuality than India, but for the past 20 years or so, India has had more libertarian views regarding the sexuality and the opposite has become the case for Pakistan, especially when the Army General Pervez Musharraf took control of it. Another example would be that of the Scandinavian region, it was growing like no other in the late 1980s and early 1990s when the chicas would move freely wearing nothing but skimpy clothes all over the streets of Norway, Sweden and Denmark, but since they got almost occupied by the Barbaric immigrants from all over the world, especially the Middle-East, their women do not find it safe anymore to move freely on the streets wearing skimpy clothes. Many of the Scandinavian women have even become extremely religious since then and it need not be said that the religion and sexual suppression go together and look where are they now. The fastest growing region doesn’t stand for anything anymore, except for their hollow democracy and stupid laws.