Month: March 2020

Most Mainstream Incest Pornstars Never Had an Abortion and Hence, their Sex Drive Never Dampened

Anybody who is married to a woman who has been married to the same woman for decades now and she has gone under one or more abortions, knows the fact that a woman’s sex drive dampens after the abortion. The case is not the same with a woman’s pregnancy though, it is a mere myth that the pregnancy kills a woman’s sex drive.

You won’t understand what I mentioned here if you never had a wife but rather wasted all your semen on North Goa Escorts.

I know several mainstream incest porn actresses belonging to different ethnicities and nations personally, including Ciara Blue, Nicky Ferrari, Pamela Rios, Mindi Mink, Jodi West, Amber Lynn Bach, to name a few and none of them ever had an abortion and some even never got pregnant and hence, they are able to perform so well, natural and passionately in front of the camera.

Amber Lynn Bach even told me that she enjoys the sex so much more while shooting but because she has always been camera shy, she is not able to show her real passion to the audience.

If you are suffering with infertility, here is a piece of advice from me, learning martial arts increases a man’s libido and fertility like no other and that’s the reason why the East Asians, mainly the Japanese people have such a high population. Your doctor will not tell you this, but that’s no big deal, as long as TheSeducer is here to help you.

I don’t know whether you have watched the movies of the pornstars belonging to the late 1990s, including Briana Banks, Jenna Jameson, Taylor Moore or Amber Lynn, there is really something about those chicks that gives the likes of Traci Lords, Kay Parket, Ginger Lynn, a run for their money.