Month: April 2020

Saleswomen make better escorts, pornstars and madames than women belonging to most other professions

I know several saleswomen turned escorts, pornstars and madames and let me tell you, saleswomen are some of the best women to join the adult industry. They really give their best to it and are really horny bitches.

I know several people from the Silicon Valley and let me tell you, as much as the IT engineers from Iran love coffee, the Indian IT engineers hate it. I had a short affair with a married IT engineer from India living and working in the Silicon Valley. She told me that her husband loves his women bald but she loves to keep her hair long. So, they have made a deal that she will be bald for 2 years and for the next 2 years, she will get to keep the length of her hair long, On the days when I was fucking her, she had her hair long and her hair were really silky. I never had a hair fetish before but this bitch got me it. She told me that during the days when she is bald, she wears a wig each time she is outside her home.

I keep checking the Escorts and Adult Dating Listings from around the world and I am surprised at the fact that more escorts than ever before are working as consignment merchandise than ever before, i.e., the pimp doesn’t pay the escort a penny until she gets sold in the first world and the opposite has been going on in the second and third world.