Month: September 2020

Israeli Sex Show Models from Tel Aviv have a Secret to Keep Their Pussies Drum Tight

I don’t know how these MILF escorts keep their pussy drum tight till the day they retire or die. I recently hired this amazingly sexy army veteran MILF escort in Tel Aviv who also happened to be a XXX Sex Shows Model and happened to be tighter than a virgin. She told me that her army companions that suffer from POIS (Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome) refer to women as armored vehicles.

One of the best things about these Tel Aviv escorts is that they speak polite and humble words and look better in the flash than in their images. These Tel Aviv female escorts, let me tell you, know some of the rarest seduction techniques.

Tel Aviv female escorts are an art and the escort agencies that recruit these are the genius responsible for such great art. It doesn’t take much money compared to other lucrative businesses to set up an escort agency but it requires a lot of talent, skills and expertise. Some successful Israeli escort agencies took as long as 3 decades to make a name for themselves, the Israeli escort industry is so competitive.

On an average, it takes 3 years to become an escort that can fulfill every fantasy possible in the real world.

Some Israeli escorts are such experts at raising your dick that they can get a 75 year old man hard with just a sexy striptease.

It is a pity that some men blame everything on the government including their dead pencil dicks.

Another marvelous thing about these high class Israeli female escorts is that they do not care whether you came in a Range Rover or a Ford Fiesta, they do their best to please you and they really do please you 99.99% of the times.

Most of these Israeli female escorts do speak fluent English and hence you don’t need a translator or an app to understand what she is saying or to tell her something.

This Sex Freak Cannot Get Enough of Wanking to the 720p Hentai Movies

I have a friend who told me that women are more likely to get addicted to a dick with a huge girth than a man is likely to get addicted to a tight pussy.

This friend of mine has a huge libido, he is married and he always has a couple of stand-by girlfriends for the times when his wife is not available.

This friend of mine lived in Southeast Asia for a great length of time including in Vietnam, Thailand, Sri Lanka and India. He claims to have the most fun with different women, mostly masseuses, in Vietnam and Thailand. He never gets tired of repeating that comparing a Vietnamese chick to a Thai one is like comparing a Mazda to a Subaru, in other words, they both have their own advantages and their own shortcomings.

He also claims to have had tons of sex with two of Colonel Gaddafi’s Ukrainian female bodyguards, he claims that they both are two of the worst women on the bed, and an incredibly powerful and wealthy man like Gaddafi had to be peanuts in his head to use such women as his sex dolls.

He claims to have recently met the infamous MILF pornstar of the late 2000s and early 2010s – Emma Starr, while in Dallas, Texas, who also happens to be a lawyer. He says that he was surprised to see that she has retired for religious reasons and now spends most of her time doing social and religious work. While she was telling him about how great is god and how everyone should bow down to him and spend all their lives working on his path, this crazy friend of mine told her that at one point he really could not get enough of wanking to her 720p Sex Movies and he really wishes if she were active now as well and worked in Super-HD movies as a GILF.

Now he has replaced his MILF porn addiction with Hentai porn addiction and 720p hentai videos are what have been keeping him sane and functioning.

I wish my favorite Japanese Pornstars become a part of Upcoming Universal Striperhood

Getting to know the name of a stunning pornstar whose video you just recently watched and jacked off to is not a big deal anymore. There was a time when getting to know the name of a Japanese Pornstar used to be the most difficult and complex, but that’s not the case anymore.

Us humans are the most intelligent species on the planet as we are the only ones that enjoy seeing other couples having sex. It is a great sight for us men to see a stunning woman of any race take a long, bick dick in her pussy and ride.

I believe in a thing called Universal Stripperhood where the women from all across the globe should be allowed to strip without anyone telling them not to and wherever they want to, whenever they want to. The governments should be made obliged to pay for their traveling expenses and anyone criticizing them ought to be punished by the law.

I have talked to many strip dance lovers including the most popular ones. One of the most infamous wrestlers of all time – Mark Calaway aka The Undertaker aka the Mean Mark told me that he preferred his stripper without any make up, whereas the other infamous wrestler – Kevin Nash aka Diesel aka Oz told me that he preferred his strippers with full makeup on. I personally like mine with makeup on if she has an ugly face but a hot body and without makeup if she has a pretty face regardless of whether she has a voluptuous body or a thin one. In only one condition will I prefer my stripper with full makeup on regardless of whether she has a pretty face or not and that is when the stripper is 30 years old or more. I prefer ugly young strippers over stunning old strippers anyway.