Month: October 2020

Deepfake HD Incest Movies Is Already More Popular Than All Niches of VR Porn Combined

The Wrestling Porn Videos is perhaps the most boring porn genre ever.

Lucky Smooth

Lucky Smooth from Dickinson, North Dakota, is a Sex Blogger and Sex Toys Retailer, who writes on his blog that a person who can create a foolproof way to export sex toys to Saudi Arabia can easily make tens of millions of dollars in profits. Those Arabs are desperate for fake pussies, dicks and asses, he adds.

Lucky writes Mughal women used to use their own sorts of dildos. Their men were mostly castrated by the enemies, were in prison or killed. They believed in Polygamy and their wives were always thirsty.

Lucky is not ashamed to admit that he is a hooker addict. He claims that the $1000+ escorts in Miami are superior to the escorts available anywhere else in the United States, Vegas, LA, NYC, you name it.

As a hooker lover, Lucky writes beautiful and fun-loving women are invaluable to a female escorts agency or a porn studio’s success.

Lucky hates the way Indian actresses look but loves Indian News Anchors. He is in love with Anjana Om Kashyap and Sweta Singh. He creates their Deepfake Only Incest & Family Porn HD and jerks off day and night to it.

Lucky is a married man. He writes on his blog that since his wife stopped working, she has become less sexual. He claims watching television all the time also seems to have a role in it.

Lucky lost tons of Christian followers of his sex blog when he wrote the man who took away the virginity of so-called ‘Virgin Mary’ was the luckiest man ever. She was one hot bombshell, her son Jesus also grew up to become one of the most handsome men ever, but an asexual one.

Tremendously Sexual Twin Sisters doing World a Divine Mercy by Performing a Threesome Each Monday on Live Sex Cams

Elizabeth Pedroza from Ottawa, Canada, is a full-time sex blogger, who loves to get her ass sniffed. She has married 3 times and dated over 20 men till date. The first trait that she looks for in a man is his big nose, if the nose is not big but everything else is perfectly right, she is going to reject you.

Elizabeth is more Pro-Tantric Sex than one of the most famous female tantric sex gurus of all times – Psalm Isadora. She writes that after having tantric sex for the very first time when she looked in the mirror, she noticed her eyes were sparkling, her nose was shining and her skin seemed smoother.

Elizabeth writes if you can’t make your woman gasp during or after you have made love to her just the way a little bitch gasps after running a marathon race, you better leave her for good as you don’t deserve to be her man and clearly so.

Elizabeth is one of the twin sisters. Till date they have a threesome each Monday with a man and make it live on a nude webcam girls website like VibraGame.

Elizabeth believes the penis is a reproductive body of a man and the way a man’s penis is built, his dick will also be the same. She gives the example that if a man is fat, his dick would be fat. She claims a man’s kidney and testicles are identical to each other.

Elizabeth believes all religions are man-made but if she had to bet, she would bet Catholicism is true. Because everything she learned about Catholicism makes sense and it just feels right and pure.

Divine Mercy in my soul by Saint Faustina is her most favorite book of all times. She believes Saint Faustina’s claim that she was visited by Jesus for many times for years sounds legitimate to her.