Don't be Lazy or Sleazy

Jerome Abella from Jersey City, NJ, is a full-time app developer and part-time sex blogger and conspiracy theorist, who writes on his blog that after studying the current political situation of India, he has come to the conclusion that the Indian news channels – NDTV, ABP and Sahara News work for the British – MI6 while the Zee News and Network 18 work for the Mossad and CIA. He believes that both the rival groups have many common and some differing agendas and that reflects very well on their stooge media channels.

Jerome claims that the Arab Union will form anytime soon and as soon as they become a reality, they will force the Israel to name their nation as Ishmael on the condition of leaving them alone and he believes that Israel will accept the condition as it is next to nothing for what they are going to achieve in return.

Jerome claims that Hassan Rouhani is a Jew in disguise who has been planted in Iran in order to destroy the Shia-Sunni wars. Jerome clarifies that the Shia-Sunni wars have been costing the Israel and its allies a lot more than it expected and he believes that it was Israel that started the Shia-Sunni wars at the first place.

On his sex blog, Jerome writes that although the god really listens to a woman’s prayer regarding her want for her dream man, the god doesn’t listen to it in the case of the opposite and the Live Chat Rooms Stripchat on VibraGame are the proof of the same. He adds that he is not sure about the acceptance of such wishes of the different genders belonging to the LGBT community by the god though.

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