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Ope Falako from Chesterland, Ohio, is a Sex Blogger and YouTuber, who always claims women can easily tell by looking at a man’s face how how big his dick is. She writes that it shouldn’t come as a surprise for any man, as it is quite obvious looking at he concept of evolution. She adds that all the pornstars, escorts, real life girlfriends, tinder dates, etc, pretend to be surprised by the big size of the man’s dick, because for the centuries of the brainwashing of the females across the globe by different cultures, civilizations, religions and others. She adds that most women feel like it is a sin to be able to recognize a big dick just by looking at the face of a person belonging to their opposite gender. The only exception to this shame and some that still remain so, are the tribal women, the ancestors of whom lived butt naked 24/7 all throughout the centuries and perhaps still do. She writes that’s the reason why we don’t see too many black women acting as they are really shocked by the size of the male pornstar of the male pornstar’s big cock, with the sole exception of the MILF/GILF Pornstar Legend – Diamond Jackson. It is just not in their genes, she adds.

About the nations like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and many Arab nations, where the marriages are arranged by the parents of the lady, Ope writes that the lady will make all sorts of excuses about why she doesn’t like a gay chosen by her parents for herself whilst hiding the real reason, which is his small dick, which is nothing like she would see on those blacked free porn videos, which she discovered the very moment she looked at his face for the very first time.

Ope claims that the mothers of such aspiring brides clearly know why their daughters are rejecting the man, because the old bitches had been there themselves, but they rather prefer to stay silent about it all.

Anuj Khurana is a Library Technician and Sex Blogger from El Cajon, California, who believes the historical claim that the Chaudhary people of India used to eat and have sex with pigs all the time before the arrival of the Muslims is absolutely correct.

Anuj writes the biggest problem with the US Citizens, especially the Californians, is that they do not participate in the free sex and other sexual liberation movements. Although they all feel for it and cannot wait to be liberated from the sexually repressing claws of the Judeo-Christian society they live in.

Anuj claims to have entered a superior spiritual, psychological, mental and physiological state to the infamous ‘Zen State of Mind’. About this, he writes he has no idea about even how it happened to him. What all he can tell us is that it all started with his tough childhood, which he believes, served as the greatest friend to him in disguise of his biggest enemy. He says he is thankful to it. He says it gives him the ability to see the people for who they really are and that is ‘Evolved Apes’. He doesn’t have to use his thinking anymore for it either, in order to not care about or for them, without any sort of effort, he seems them for who they really are; and to an extent he writes, the same goes for everything else as well that doesn’t involve human beings.

Anuj still gets to meet sexy women he first interacted with online and all he cares about is their raw energy, beauty and sexiness now. He is not concerned with their political views or anything of that sort anymore like he once used to be.

He writes the bliss he feels 24/ nowadays, cannot be described in words. And he thinks there is no going back from here. He doesn’t regret wasting so much of his time on useless people and porn anymore, although he could fuck real women back then if he were in the state that he is right now.

Anuj now claims to see porn, masturbation and those useless people now as a blessing, the road that made him come this far. He adds that if it weren’t for all of that, he wouldn’t be here and he is nowhere in the view and opinion of the outside material world, but could he care less?

Anand Tuli from Chico, California, is a Sex Blogger and Loan Counsellor, who believes the United States of America is never going to have a Female President in the future just as it never did in the past, but the future Governors of the USA will all be females who would have to whore themselves out to the likes of the Presidents, Vice=Presidents and others in order to gain that position.

Anand is too obsessed with everything Chinese. He has a picture of his Master Mantak Chia as his profile picture on Whatsapp, Facebook, Discord and Twitter; and he watches nothing but Chinese Sex Movies.

Anand has been writing a book for the past 3 months which he is going to title “Terror of Cocks”. The book is themed on the evolutionary sexual suppression of the women by the so-called mighty warrior men.

Anand writes Gautama Buddha didn’t go to the forests to achieve enlightenment, but rather because he started suffering with an Erectile Dysfunction and he didn’t want the world to know it. He had too many concubines and a wife, all too blunt and bold and there was no way that all these Nepali bitches could keep their mouths shut on a subject like that and Gautama Buddha was too weak to take a criticism that questioned his very manlyhood.

Anand once practiced NoFap back in 2016. He wrote this one quote while struggling with it once “Sexual urges are temporary, guilt and pride both live forever.” He wrote this another quote while at it – “Urges last for hours, post-nut side-effects for days.”

Now Anand writes that NoFap was one of the dumbest things that he wasted his time and effort on.

Anand believes in the study done in Malta that claims eating 10 oranges of average or large size transforms anger energy into sex energy.

I was reading a sex novel and all of a sudden just wasn’t interested in checking social media like I usually am. It got me thinking whether if I lost the interest in social media or the sex novel I was reading was just far more interesting.

Anand Tuli

What is the definition of a real woman to you? Do you think a real woman uses anything other than a custom-made dildo? Do you believe that a real woman has excessive estrogen levels and she fucks around everywhere but acts very shy in the public? Whatever the definition of a real woman is according to you, one thing that I ensure you here is that ‘a real woman’ cannot live without a cock, she respects a gentleman’s cock like no other and that’s the reason why women belonging to different ancient paganic religions used to worship phalluses and many still do, take the Hindu women as an example.

It is a shame that the monotheistic religions around the world will do whatever it takes to keep their machine running, no matter how cruel they have to become in order to do so. They have been doing their utmost to suppress the sexuality and intelligence of an average man and a woman and getting away with it for thousands of years. If you are a reader of my blog, then I urge you to put a fullstop to the monkey business of these so-called Monotheistic religions and have a healthy and fulfilling sex life.

I personally believe that the science and technology will soon be able to make females as physically strong as the men and men as sexually irresistible as the women. Till then, the members belonging to either of the genders can read my blog and get tips regarding that subject.

Experience beats beauty when it comes to a sexual session, and hence, if you are a virgin, then you better practice on that mini sex doll before you get yourself a real woman. Your woman is really going to appreciate it.

So, the tip of the day for the straight men, bisexual men and women, lesbian women is that the more hostile a chick is to the strangers, the more fun she is in the bed. This is coming from my decades of experience dealing with women of all sorts.

I would like to end this post with a parody slang song that I just wrote on Harden my Heart by Quarterflash:-

“Massaging my dick on the corner, with a special essential oil

I swear I’ll never masturbate again

You gave me your word that you will provide me with a hole of years each time that I am hard but that turned out to be a lie

My wild dreams give me blue balls and I never thought you were so

But it’s time to kick that stinking ass of yours, hoe

I am gonna fuck the South Goa escorts

I am gonna fuck the fleshlights

I am gonna make my sex tapes and tag it with you on Twitter

All of my life I have jerked-off to Playboy

I have been waiting for a warm and soft hole that never, ever came

It feels so close, but always disappears

Cheating whore, in your wildest dreams, you never rode me

But it’s time that I curse you”

Anybody who is married to a woman who has been married to the same woman for decades now and she has gone under one or more abortions, knows the fact that a woman’s sex drive dampens after the abortion. The case is not the same with a woman’s pregnancy though, it is a mere myth that the pregnancy kills a woman’s sex drive.

You won’t understand what I mentioned here if you never had a wife but rather wasted all your semen on North Goa Escorts.

I know several mainstream incest porn actresses belonging to different ethnicities and nations personally, including Ciara Blue, Nicky Ferrari, Pamela Rios, Mindi Mink, Jodi West, Amber Lynn Bach, to name a few and none of them ever had an abortion and some even never got pregnant and hence, they are able to perform so well, natural and passionately in front of the camera.

Amber Lynn Bach even told me that she enjoys the sex so much more while shooting but because she has always been camera shy, she is not able to show her real passion to the audience.

If you are suffering with infertility, here is a piece of advice from me, learning martial arts increases a man’s libido and fertility like no other and that’s the reason why the East Asians, mainly the Japanese people have such a high population. Your doctor will not tell you this, but that’s no big deal, as long as TheSeducer is here to help you.

I don’t know whether you have watched the movies of the pornstars belonging to the late 1990s, including Briana Banks, Jenna Jameson, Taylor Moore or Amber Lynn, there is really something about those chicks that gives the likes of Traci Lords, Kay Parket, Ginger Lynn, a run for their money.

Jerome Abella from Jersey City, NJ, is a full-time app developer and part-time sex blogger and conspiracy theorist, who writes on his blog that after studying the current political situation of India, he has come to the conclusion that the Indian news channels – NDTV, ABP and Sahara News work for the British – MI6 while the Zee News and Network 18 work for the Mossad and CIA. He believes that both the rival groups have many common and some differing agendas and that reflects very well on their stooge media channels.

Jerome claims that the Arab Union will form anytime soon and as soon as they become a reality, they will force the Israel to name their nation as Ishmael on the condition of leaving them alone and he believes that Israel will accept the condition as it is next to nothing for what they are going to achieve in return.

Jerome claims that Hassan Rouhani is a Jew in disguise who has been planted in Iran in order to destroy the Shia-Sunni wars. Jerome clarifies that the Shia-Sunni wars have been costing the Israel and its allies a lot more than it expected and he believes that it was Israel that started the Shia-Sunni wars at the first place.

On his sex blog, Jerome writes that although the god really listens to a woman’s prayer regarding her want for her dream man, the god doesn’t listen to it in the case of the opposite and the Live Chat Rooms Stripchat on VibraGame are the proof of the same. He adds that he is not sure about the acceptance of such wishes of the different genders belonging to the LGBT community by the god though.

Sean Martin is a Maltese gentleman who regularly visits the Indian province of India, not for its beaches but rather to enjoy the gorgeous Russian escorts in Goa.

Sean believes that the life of an average high class Indian call girl is far more fun and adventurous than an average guy would think including his younger self.

Sean says that he doesn’t trade his call girl’s breast size for the butt size or vice-versa; He wants both the assets of his call girl for the night perfectly shaped, toned and natural and those Goan call girls never disappoint when it comes to the same.

Once he called a gorgeous Sikh Punjabi call girl in Candolim, Goa named Gurjeet Kaur to his hotel room. She had no issues with Sean banging him tantric style. After knocking her for 3 hours straight tantric style, Sean was rock-hard again only after 10-15 minutes. He adds that it really made him feel like the good old German-American – Charles Bukowski.

He recently sent a love letter to Gurjeet Kaur written personally by himself. She replied back telling that she was very much impressed with his handwriting and Sean couldn’t be any happier.

Another time when Sean booked a local Goan call girl for 2 hours initially after falling for her gorgeous pictures, she turned out to be so sweet and fun-loving that Sean decided to extend the session for a 2-week long tour abroad.

Enjoying Goan call girls for over a decade now, Mr Sean Martin has come to the conclusion that the call girls of Goa in general are provided conducive atmosphere to improve their skills and are stressed upon the need to utilize their time to the optimum.

Elizabeth Pedroza from Ottawa, Canada, is a full-time sex blogger, who loves to get her ass sniffed. She has married 3 times and dated over 20 men till date. The first trait that she looks for in a man is his big nose, if the nose is not big but everything else is perfectly right, she is going to reject you.

Elizabeth is more Pro-Tantric Sex than one of the most famous female tantric sex gurus of all times – Psalm Isadora. She writes that after having tantric sex for the very first time when she looked in the mirror, she noticed her eyes were sparkling, her nose was shining and her skin seemed smoother.

Elizabeth writes if you can’t make your woman gasp during or after you have made love to her just the way a little bitch gasps after running a marathon race, you better leave her for good as you don’t deserve to be her man and clearly so.

Elizabeth is one of the twin sisters. Till date they have a threesome each Monday with a man and make it live on a nude webcam girls website like VibraGame.

Elizabeth believes the penis is a reproductive body of a man and the way a man’s penis is built, his dick will also be the same. She gives the example that if a man is fat, his dick would be fat. She claims a man’s kidney and testicles are identical to each other.

Elizabeth believes all religions are man-made but if she had to bet, she would bet Catholicism is true. Because everything she learned about Catholicism makes sense and it just feels right and pure.

Divine Mercy in my soul by Saint Faustina is her most favorite book of all times. She believes Saint Faustina’s claim that she was visited by Jesus for many times for years sounds legitimate to her.